The Wedding of Dermot O’Leary & Dee Koppang

It’s always nice to be appreciated. These guys could have had anyone that they wanted to capture their day after all Dermot is the the King of the Television in front of the camera, Dee is the Queen behind it.  They are at the centre of the media world where style and cool is essential so the fact that they chose me from a shortlist of London photographers was quite humbling.
So as I was saying when I got the call and went to meet them, it was great.  They are both incredibly easy to get on with so that made my life a lot easier.  Dee is a producer for film and television so her attention to detail is second to none but their confidence in my ability to cover their wedding in a unique and stylish way allowed me to be creative and the day went really smoothly.
They have chosen to keep their wedding photos personal to themselves as opposed to sell out to the OK and Hello Magazines of this world but here is one shot that I took for the press as they emerged from the church as the new Mr and Mrs O’Leary.