Reportage Wedding Photography

I should make it clear I am not your average wedding photographer. I love being creative and enjoy documenting the day as it happens in real time. I like to think that I compliment the day and always enjoy the challenge of capturing your day from a blank canvas. A normal wedding day for me, would be to come when you are getting ready through and into the dancing, the longer the better as far as I am concerned as this gives me more opportunities for searching out those beautiful images.


One of the things that I love the most about wedding photography is that each wedding is unique. I am always looking for a different approach to capturing people, through different angles and by keeping my eyes open watching for those amazing authentic moments that you will remember for years to come.


My work is regularly featured in publications ranging from The Times to the front cover of OK magazine to Elle magazine, and many more. I love taking pictures. My aim is to tell the story of your day.


Another good place to see my work is my Pinterest page

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Robin Bradshaw as Photographer
• All Day coverage from Bridal prep - Dancing
• All Edited Hi-resolution images on USB or digital transfer
• Secure Online Gallery for Images
• Travel in the UK




Hybrid Photo graphy and Film

• Get your images printed in a customisable Folio Fine Art Book
(These are some of the best in the world.)

• Pre wedding photo shoot
(Great opportunity to meet up and get some cool shots)

couples shoot