Photography Courses

If you are  enthusiastic, creative and have a good eye, you are halfway to achieving great results. A photography course can really help fine-tune your natural skills.

If someone had offered me a days one-on-one photographer course to get me started in the right direction I would have jumped at it. So here it is. The day can be tailored to your needs, you may need to start from scratch, or you may just need pointing in the right direction.

The day will consist of 5 housrs split into two sessions (between which we will break for lunch), in which we can concentrate on a combination of the following:

• How to make the most of your camera
• Natural and Studio lighting
• Which Lens to choose
• Digital editing in Lightroom or Photoshop
• How to shoot a wedding
• Marketing tips

What is going to make the difference between you being just another photographer and being exceptional?

The cost for the day is £295

“Further to our time together today, I would like to express my thanks. The course was truly excellent, with a good balance between the theory of technique and practice. You reinforced what I already knew, made sense of theories which I had not grasped, and gave me new information which will greatly improve my photography skills.

Your explanation of how to correctly use the aperture controls made everything that had previously eluded me, click into place (pardon the pun) and I now have a much greater confidence in using my camera.

Of particular use was the session on lighting and specifically how to control it to achieve better images. I can now take those shots which I would have previously given up on.

I would highly recommend that the enthusiastic amateur who is trying to progress from taking snapshots to stunning images spends some time with you.
I look forward to going out and putting those new skills into practice.

Thank you once again!” – Owen

So why take a photography course at all?

As explained in a Quora discussion in mid-2016; “If you want to learn how to use your camera, no matter what it is, from some cheapie low pixel tool to a pro heavyweight camera, to capture magical moments and vistas, take a class. Anyone can learn manipulation, not everyone can excel at capturing a stunning jaw-dropping photograph with minimal, if any, retouching.

Anyone can press a button and pick a filter. It takes someone with an understanding of light, form, exposure, time, and the art of storytelling, to capture and captivate an audience with one frame. You learn this through assignments in class.” – Source: Linda Ro.

Photography Courses