Pieter and Greg wedding at Eastnor Castle | Wedding photography Cotswolds.

Hip wedding photography

Pieter and Greg spread their wedding over two days.

The first day was spent in the magnificent backdrop that is Eastnor Castle. Ruth from finesse planning was on hand to make sure the day ran like clockwork.
26 Guests were greeted at Ledbury Station unaware of their exclusive destination. They were then taken back to the castle for a lavish lunch and champagne on the battlements whilst the swallows swooped around the towers.
The sun shone and they had an amazing day. Sam from offbeat films (worth a look) was cinematographer for the day.

Here are a few images from the day. Hip wedding photography

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One of the things that I love the most about being a wedding photographer is that each wedding is like a blank canvas to me. There is no set formula to the day and each one is unique. I am always looking for a different approach to capture people, through different angles and by keeping my eyes open watching for those amazing offbeat moments. My aim is to make your day more enjoyable. The modern reportage photographer should not be holding up the day. I am very happy to take group shots, it just does not need to take a long time and the rest of the guests do not need to be waiting around.

I am always open to suggestions and love to work with you to capture the day in a way that reflects your personalities. I have shot over 400 weddings in the last 8 years and have shot many beautiful images.