Documentary wedding photography

Documentary wedding photography

One of the most important decisions (other than to whom you are going to marry) whilst planning your day, will be how you choose to remember your day. The photographer is therefore a key element in the planning. There seems to be a minefield of choices out there on the world wide web, and lots of those photographers may not sit right with your wedding.

Here are some thoughts that may help you on the way.

Check out the photographers Gallery, it is easy enough to put up a few shots from random weddings that look half decent… Make sure you really look at what the photographs say about the day. Does the photographer have a certain style? Is there a good range of images to look at? Would you like your photographs to look like the images you are looking at?

I would have thought the last thing that you want is some annoying photographer bossing everyone around and eating up the whole afternoon taking static group shots that could be at anyones wedding. Look for something different that captures you, your family and your friends.

It is important that you get on well with your photographer, he/she needs to be able to blend in with your day, this will help you relax and enjoy your day.

Look for someone who is upfront with you about what they offer and is flexible enough to be able to fit in with your day.  I imagine you would like to own your wedding pictures, not be held to ransom for your images, so make sure all of the the hi-resolution edited images are included within the cost. The last thing you want to be doing is shelling out more money in order to be able to print your images.

If you are choosing a videographer for the day, make sure the photographer and the videographer compliment each other. If you have gone to all the effort trying to find someone who offers documentary wedding photography photographer and who is going to fit in with your day, don’t then go and book a traditional videographer, who is going to make you walk hand in hand in slow motion down the path. I recommend offbeat films.

Make sure your photographer can offer you good advice on albums and books. There are again so many different options out there. At this point the important thing is to make sure you choose someone that can provide the images you want. Then once you have the images, you can choose the way that you would like to show them off.

Most of my couples choose me, because I do not offer a ‘traditional’ outtake on wedding photography. I offer documentary wedding photography, I combine some group shots with mixture of natural and spontaneous off beat shots and  I always give you the hi-resolution edited images.  If all of the above sounds right for you please feel free to check me out at


documentary wedding photography